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      Procedures for software enterprise identification and software product registration
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      "Double soft recognition" refers to the registration of software products and the recognition of software enterprises.

      Software product registration

      Software product is to provide computer software, information systems or devices embedded in the software or on the computer information system integration, application services and other technical services provided by computer software.

      Software products implement the registration and filing system. Software products that have not been registered, registered or cancelled shall not be operated or sold in China.

      Registration of software products should first have two prerequisites:

      1. Valid proof of intellectual property rights of software products developed and applied units in China. (computer software copyright registration certificate or software patent certificate);

      2. Testing certificate materials issued by software testing institutions (software product registration test report)

      Ii. Software enterprise identification

      Software enterprises refers to the enterprise as a legal person established in accordance with the law in the administrative areas in our province, to computer software development, system integration, application services, and other relevant technical services for the main business and income. Software enterprises implement the recognition and filing system, after the identification and filing of software enterprises can enjoy the relevant preferential policies for software enterprises.

      Software enterprises should meet the following major standards:

      1. There are more than one kind of software products developed or owned by the enterprise, or technical services such as computer information system integration certified by the qualification level;

      2. The proportion of personnel engaged in software product development and technical services shall not be less than 50% of the total number of employees

      3. Technical equipment and business premises required for software development and corresponding technical services;

      4. Have the means and ability to guarantee software product quality and technical service quality;

      5. The research and development funds of software technology and products account for more than 8% of the annual revenue of the enterprise;

      6. The annual software sales revenue accounts for more than 35% of the annual total revenue of the enterprise, among which, the self-produced software revenue accounts for more than 50% of the software sales revenue; (note: the software service income of enterprises and software related technical services includes software service income and system integration income, which can be counted as software sales revenue; Revenue from custom software, outsourcing software and related services and embedded software as specified in the contract or agreement may be counted as revenue from software produced by the company.

      7. The enterprise has clear property rights, standardized management and law-abiding.

      The unit that passes software enterprise cognizance, must attend software enterprise annual examination every year, the unit that annual examination passes can enjoy corresponding preferential policy.

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