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      Software copyright benefits
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      1. As the basis for the software to be protected emphatically

      The copyright administrative department under the state council to regulate and strengthen the software copyright registration system, encourage the software copyright registration, and according to the national legal protection for registered software."

      2. The registration of software copyright is the prerequisite for the double software certification and the certification of new and high enterprises.

      3. The applicant may enjoy the relevant incentive policies stipulated in the industrial policy

      The ministry of finance and the state administration of taxation "about carrying out < the party central committee and the state council on strengthening technical innovation, the development of high-tech, realize the industrialization of decision > announcement concerning the tax issues in tax breaks for software product have detailed provisions. This notification does not require the registration, but the regulation: "in registered by national copyright administration, the assigned sales when the ownership of the copyright, computer software, business tax, no VAT."

      4. Invest as technology investment

      "About to provisions on some issues of high-tech achievements and become a shareholder in computer software can be used as a new and high technology and become a shareholder, and evaluate the ratio can breakthrough the limitation of corporation law 20% up to 20%. Now there are places where software can be priced at 100% of the cost of technology. However, software copyright is generally required to be registered.

      5. As the basis for applying for scientific and technological achievements

      Issued by ministry of science and technology on the measures for the registration of scientific and technological achievements of notice stipulated in article 8: "register with the scientific and technological achievements shall be submitted to the registration form" of scientific and technological achievements and the following materials: (a) application technology: related evaluation certificate (identification certificate or report, science and technology plan project acceptance report, certificate of industry admittance, new product certificate, etc.) and research report; Or intellectual property certificate (patent certificate, plant seed right certificate, software registration certificate, etc.) and user certificate. The registration here can be understood as the registration of copyright, and other ministries and commissions have similar regulations that software applications for technical achievements should be submitted with the software registration certificate.

      6. Enjoy the role of software copyright certification. Software consists of a series of code, called source code, which can be copied indefinitely. Software copyright protects the source code. Who is believed to hold the source, who is both the copyright owner, as a result of the source code can be copied, not like copy paper material, can distinguish between the original and copy, if source privacy is lax, it is difficult to distinguish between the copyright owner. If the copyright registration is carried out as soon as possible and the software copyright registration certificate is obtained, this is the preliminary proof of rights. In software copyright dispute occurs, as the powerful weapon of rights, and to prove that the software copyright register certificate is not really the software copyright owner, is rather difficult in evidence. In the software copyright trade, the software copyright registration certificate is conducive to the smooth completion of the transaction.

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